Кто хочет ВСЕ скачать?)

не веди себя как долбанутая ромашка (с)

Елси кого интересует как быстро скачать Дарью, то вот ссылки на скачивание торрентов:

depositfiles.com/files/wd1rh7wx0 - здесь полностью 5 сезонов, в хорошем качестве, первый с русскмими и английскими субтитрами, к некоторым следующим сезонам тоже есть английские сабы.

depositfiles.com/files/xyypv9wui - здесь все 5 сезонов(правда в более низком качесте) и две полнометражки.

все работает, сама проверяла)

Так же много наруду интересуются, какие песни идут саундтреками к Дарье...

Это список песен, играющих в сериале и полнометражках:

Episode 01 - Esteemsters / Самоценители:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening & closing credits)
-Dishwalla - "Charlie Brown's Parents" (in the car)
-Tracy Bonham - "Sharks Can't Sleep" (walking into school)
-Nerf Herder - "Van Halen" (taking psychological test)
-Fiona Apple - "Shadowboxer" (after history class)
-The Offspring - "I Choose" (Daria and Jane walking home)
-The Mavericks - "Blue Moon" -NY Loose - "Spit" (while watching SSW)

Episode 02
- The Invitation / Приглашение:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening & closing credits)
-Tonic - "Open Up Your Eyes" (art class)
-Sneaker Pimps - "Six Underground" (walking to school)
-Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Fun Lovin' Criminal (art class)
-Iggy Pop - "Lust for Life" (cafeteria)
-PJ Harvey - "That Was My Veil" (Jane's bedroom)
-The Cardigans - "Lovefool" (Quinn's bedroom)
-Fat Joe - "Envy" (Brittany's house)
-KoRn - "Clown" (Trent's car)
-Shaggy - "Why You Treat Me So Bad" (Quinn & Joey/Jeffy/Jamie at party)
-George Michael - "Fast Love" (Daria & Jane arrive)
-Cake - "The Distance" ("two kinds of chips";)
-Montell Jordan - "I Like" (Upchuck gives tour)
-311 - "All Mixed Up" (two guys approach Daria & Jane)
-Beastie Boys - "Sabotage" (cars crash gate)
-Kula Shaker - "Tattva" (follow Quinn to bathroom)
-LL Cool J - "Loungin'" (Quinn's shoes are ruined)
-Fifth Platoon - "Party Line" ("it's the soul train";)
-Local H - "Bound For the Floor" (guys fight over Quinn)
-Silk Tymes Leather - "Do Your Dance" (Mack & Jodie leave)
-Groove Collective - "Life Off" (Upchuck's car)

Episode 03 - College Bored / Замученные колледжем:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (closing credits)
-Maxwell - "Ascension" (drive to Ramona's house)
-Ginuwine - "Pony" (drive from Ramona's house)
-Eels - "Rags to Rags" (start of prep course)
-The Presidents of the USA - "Volcano" (kid's walkman)
-Chaka Khan - "Ain't Nobody" (Kevin's fantasy)
-Space - "Female of the Species" (Brittany's fantasy)
-Garbage - "Queer" (Jane's fantasy)
-The Cardigans - "Carnival" (Quinn's fantasy)
-Beck - "Where It's At" (Daria's fantasy)
-Stir - "Looking For" (arrive at Middleton)
-My Head - "Humbucker" (kid's walkman)
-Soundgarden - "Blow Up the Outside" (fraternity row)
-The Offspring - "All I Want" (Jake's old dorm)
-Butter 08 - "Butter of 69" (Heather's dorm)
-Alice in Chains - "Again" (kid's walkman)
-Gigantic - "Disenchanted" (Daria fixing papers)
-Big Daddy Kane - "Nuff Respect" (Quinn at frat party)
-Spice Girls - "Wannabe" (keg queen)
-The Bloodhound Gang - "Fire, Water, Burn" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)

Episode 04 - Cafe "Disaffecto" / Кафе "Недовольство":

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (closing credits)
-Weezer - "The Good Life" (Kevin talks to Mack)
-Wax - "Hush" ("conscientious objector";)
-CJ Bolland - "Sugar is Sweeter" (Daria & Jane go door-to-door)
-Hank Williams - "Cold, Cold Heart" (DeMartino's house)
-Journey - "When You Love a Woman" (Quinn sells phonecards)
-Alex Reece - "Feel the Sunshine"
-Radiohead - "My Iron Lung" (Morgendorffer house)
-Southern Culture on the Skids - "Camel Walk" (Daria looks for something to read)
-Whale - "Pay For Me" (Daria's story causes a riot)

Episode 05 - Malled / Узники шоппинга:

-Silverchair - "Freak" (closing credits)
-Kula Shaker - "Hey Dude" (Mrs. Bennet's class)
-Blur - "Song Two" (the trolley scene)
-Beck - "New Pollution"
-Mazzy Star - "Fade Into You" (Daria throws up)
-Orbital - "Lush" (gift certificates)
-Utah Saints - "Ohio" (Scizzor Wizzard)
-Jamiroquai - "Virtual Insanity" (Doo-Dad shop)
-Whitetown - "Your Woman" (carride home)

Episode 06 - This Year's Model / Модель года:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening and closing credits)
-Tonic - "If You Could Only See" (Daria talking to Helen)
-Jamiroquai - "Cosmic Girl" (Daria and Jane are in the cafeteria)
-Bally Sagoo - "Dil Cheez" (Brittany's runway walk)
-Enigma - "Age of Loneliness (Carly's Song)" (Helen talking to Romanica)
-Livin Joy - "Don't Stop Movin'" (modeling class)
-The Orb - "Toxygene" (modeling class)
-US3 - "Come On Everybody" (modeling class)
-Leftfield - "Original" (modeling class)
-Sweetback - "You Will Rise" (modeling class)
-Orbit - "Medicine" (Quinn talks about modeling)
-Fiona Apple - "Sleep to Dream" (Daria tears up brochure)
-Crystal Waters - "Say You Feel Alright" (when Kevin is modeling)

Episode 07 - The Lab Brat / Лабораторная история:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening credits)
-Ben Lee - "Pop Queen" (Daria & Jane in the cafeteria)
-Morphine - "Like Swimming" (Upchuck blackmails Brittany)
-Buckshot Le Fongue - "Music Evolution" (Daria & Kevin in garage)
-The Spice Girls - "Say You'll Be There" (inside Pizza King)
-Veruca Salt - "All Hail Me" (Brittany & her brother)
-Dishwalla - "It's Going to Take Some Time" (Brittany, Kevin & Daria in garage)

Episode 08 - The Pinch Sitter / Няня поневоле:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening credit)
-Local H - "Fritz's Corner" (closing credits)
-Dishwalla - "Give" (SSW)
-The Cardigans - "Been It" (Quinn's shrunken shirt)
-Portishead - "Glory Box" (Jane puts her shoes on)
-Orbital - "The Saint Theme" (Daria arrives at the Gupty's & playing cemetary/lichen)
-Dionne Farris - "Hopeless"
-Bally Sagoo - "Tum Bion Jiya"
-Celine Dion - "All By Myself" (Quinn at Chez Pierre)
-Tricky - "Overcome" (storytime)
-Tricky - "Black Steel" (storytime)
-Dis N Dat - "Freak Me Baby"
-60 Ft. Dolls - "Stay"
-After 7 - "Sara Smile"

Episode 09 - Too Cute / Слишком прелестная:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening credits)
-Foo Fighters - "Monkey Wrench" (closing credits)
-Brendan Benson - "Cross-Eyed" (Kevin greeting people on the street & later gives people money to talk to him)
-Sonic Youth - "Bull in the Heather" (Daria sees Brooke's nose)
-Fun Lovin' Criminals - "King of NY" (Quinn tries to fix her nose & Quinn talks to Andrea)
-Bloodhound Gang - "Why's Everybody?" (Quinn can't find her friends)
-Sammy - "Neptune Avenue" (Daria & Quinn on bus)
-Blur - "Beetlebum" (Daria & Quinn go into Dr. Shar's office)
-Genuwine - "Tell Me Do You Wanna?"
-INXS - "Elegantly Wasted" (Dr. Shar's box)
-Fun Lovin Criminals - "Scooby Snacks" (Brooke shows off new look)

Episode 10 - The Big House / Большой дом:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening credits)
-Warren G - "I Shot the Sheriff" (closing credits)
-Powerman 5000 - "Tokyo Vigilante #1" (Daria arrives home late & Quinn gets busted)
-Mary J. Blige - "Love is All We Need" (Helen's new rules)
-Shabba Ranks - "Mr. Loverman" (DeMartino working out)
-Chalk Farm - "Live Tomorrow" (family court begins)
-That Dog - "Never Say Never" (after first commercial break)
-Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In The Name Of" (Daria reading)
-Komeda - "Rocket Plane" (playing Scrabble & Quinn's phone calls)
-Foxy Brown - "I'll Be" (Kevin & Brittany at Pizza King)
-Cowboy Mouth - "Jenny Says" (Quinn asks Daria for a book)
-Nuvorican Soul - "Runaway" (Helen wakes Quinn)
-The Offspring - "Gone Away" (after rollerhockey game)
-Bis - "This Is Fake DIY" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)

Episode 11 - Road Worrier / Беспокойный путь:

-Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening credits)
-Cake - "Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle" (closing credits)
-Jamiroquai - "Emergency on Planet Earth" (Fashion Club at Cashman's)
-Daft Punk - "Around the World" (Daria and Quinn are each changing clothes)
-Skunk Anansie - "I Can Dream" (Daria tells Quinn she's going to Alternapalooza)
-Mad Season - "I Don't Know Anything" (Daria & Jane get picked up)
-Crystal Waters - "100% Pure Love" (boys pick Quinn up)
-Angelfish - "Suffocate Me" (driving)
-Beastie Boys - "Root Down" (driving)
-Thurston Moore - "Ono Soul" (driving)
-702 - "Steelo" (Brittany hits Kevin)
-The Beastie Boys - "Whatcha Want" (Daria gets stung by the bee)
-Jefferson Airplane - "White Rabbit" (While Jake chases Helen around the living room)
-Korn - "A.D.I.D.A.S." (Daria and co. arrive at diner)
-Trisha Yearwood - "She's In Love With The Boy" (inside diner)
-Hanson - "Mmbop" (While Brittany talks on the phone in the car)
-REM - "Everybody Hurts" (stuck in traffic)
-OMC - "How Bizarre" (Fashion Club, etc are in diner)
-Cake - "Frank Sinatra" (picnic game)
-LL Cool J - "Goin' Back to Cali" (Stacy smells fertilizer)
-The Cardigans - "Been It" (Fashion Club turns off for outlet mall)
-G. Love & Special Sauce - "Cold Beverage" (crowd leaves Alternapalooza)
-Atari Teenage Riot - "Speed" (crowd leaves Alternapalooza)
-Lightning Seeds - "You Showed Me" (on the way home)

Episode 12 - The Teachings of Don Jake / Учения Дона Джейка:

-Cypress Hill - "Insane in the Brain" (closing credits)
-Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Come Down"
-Nitzer Ebb - "Kick It"
-Beck - "Pay No Mind" ('60s flashback)
-Pat Benetar - "True Love" (Jane talks about her siblings)
-Suga Free - "If You Stay Ready"
-Chalk Farm - "Lie on Lie"
-Shawn Colvin - "Sunny Came Home" (Trent w/ Uncle Max)
-Tears For Fears - "The Goodnight Song"
-Anointed - "Under the Influence" (inside tent)
-Morphine - "Buena" (helicopter)

Episode 13 - The Misery Chick / Несчастная девчонка:

-Love and Rockets - "Pearl" (closing credits)
-Fiona Apple - "Criminal" (Brittany ties her shoe)
-Our Lady Peace - "Naveed" (Tommy Sherman walks down the hall)
-Beastie Boys - "Gratitude" (Daria & Jane talk to Tommy)
-The Spice Girls - "Viva Forever" (students sad that Tommy is dead)
-Luscious Jackson - "Under Your Skin" (dinner table)
-Radiohead - "Paranoid Android" (Jane's headphones)
-Pulsars - "Tunnel Song"
-Imperial Drag - "Are You a Boy or a Girl?"

Episode 01 - Arts'n'Crass / Искусство и невежество:

-Imani Coppola - "Legend of a Cowgirl" (closing credits)
-Beck - "Dead Weight (A Life Less Ordinary)" (beginning of art class)
-Morrissey - "Alma Matters" (end of art class)
-Edwyn Collins - "The Magic of Piper Love" (Pizza King)
-The Dandy Warhols - "Not If You Are the Last Junkie on Earth" (Daria & Jane eating pizza)
-LL Cool J - "Phenomenon" (Jane's Mom's music)
-The Misfits - "Dig Up Her Bones" (Trent's music)
-Blink 182 - "Dammit" (Daria & Jane walk to school)
-Portishead - "All Mine" (Ms. Li's office)
-Sonic Youth - "Disappear" (Trent's car)
-Atari Teenage Riot - "Atari Teenage Riot" (defaced poster)
-LL Cool J - "4,3,2,1" (Jane's Mom's music)
-Echo & the Bunnymen - "I Want to Be There When You Come" (Trent's music)
-Bis - "Tell It to the Kids" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)

Episode 02 - The Daria Hunter / Дарья - Охотница:

-David Bowie & Trent Reznor - "I'm Afraid of Americans" (closing credits)
-Kula Shaker - "Hush" (on bus)
-Sheryl Crow - "Tomorrow Never Dies" (passing Great White sign)
-311 - "Beautiful Disaster" (enter paintball field)
-Alice In Chains - "Rooster" (Daria walking through woods & Jane gets shot)
-Cypress Hill - "I Ain't Goin' Down Like That" (Sandi vs. Quinn)
-Boss Hog - "I Dig You" (walking to Great White)
-Will Smith - "Get Jiggy With It" (Hanoi Hilton)
-Crystal Method - "Keep Hope Alive" (Great White Shark store)
-Oasis - "All Around the World" (Ms. Barch & Mr. O'Neill making out)
-The Beastie Boys - "Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun" (Quinn is about to shoot Sandi)
-Platoon Soundtrack - "Adagio for Strings" (Sandi is left behind)

Episode 03 - Quinn the Brain / Квин - Ботаник:

-Supergrass - "Alright" (closing credits)
-Rage Against the Machine - "Freedom" (Quinn's bad grades & asking Daria for help)
-The Charlatans UK - "How High" (Jake bribing Quinn & Daria)
-Iggy Pop - "Lust for Life" (Daria & Jane walk to school)
-Pond - "Spokes" (Daria's locker)
-The Kottonmouth Kings - "Surburban Life" (Quinn & Daria w/ Mr. O'Neill)
-Talvin Singh - "Jaan" (Quinn getting dressed)
-Ric Ocasek - "Next Right Moment" (Quinn in cafeteria)
-Salt 'N Pepa - "Giddy Up" (Fashion Club talks to Quinn)
-Our Lady Peace - "Clumsy" (Jane's room)
-Monaco - "What Do You Want From Me?" (when Daria is dressing up and acting like Quinn)

Episode 04 - I don't / Ни за что:

-Ani DiFranco - "Wishin' & Hopin'" (original closing credits)
-Dusty Springfield - "Wishin' & Hopin'" (revised closing credits)
-Jay Z - "Sunshine" (Daria & Jane go to bridal store)
-Blur - "Country House" (driving to wedding)
-Concrete Blonde - "Bloodletting" ("redrum!";)
-Fat - "Numb" (bridal show)
-Finely Quave - "Sunday Shining" (Kevin & Mack being mistaken for gay couple)
-The Cramps - "Bikini Girls W/ Machine Guns" (Aunt Amy's car)
-Crystal Method - "Get Busy Child" (bridal show)
-Pond - "Spokes" (Brittany & Kevin fighting)
-Tina Turner - "Private Dancer" (Daria & Lerman)
-Sade - "Hang On to Your Love" (Quinn & minister)
-AZ Yet - "Last Night" (Quinn & minister)
-Urge Overkill - "The Break" (Jodie & Mack)
-Blur - "The Universal" (Daria's "stories";)
-The Cherry Poppin' Daddies - "Brown Derby Jump" (Rita & Helen fighting)
-Sade - "Your Love is King" (Quinn & minister)
-Lyle Lovett - "She's No Lady, She's My Wife" (Daria's "stories";)
-Tony Bennett - "Stepping Out With My Baby" (Rita & Helen make up)
-Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On" (original end of wedding)
-Neil Diamond - "If There Were No Dream" (revised end of wedding)

Episode 05 - That Was Then, This Is Dumb / Не оглядывайся назад:

-The Byrds - "Turn! Turn! Turn!" (closing credits)
-Frank Zappa - "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" (Trent's room)
-Beck - "Novacaine" (Trent's headphones)
-Jamiroquai - "All Right" (Helen & Jake flashbacks)
-The London Suede - "The Beautiful Ones" (Daria in grandma's nightgown)
-Circle Jerks - "I Wanna Destroy You" (before Willow & Coyote's meditation)
-Siouxie & The Banshees - "Oh Baby" (Daria watching Trent sleep)
-Deus - "Them From a Turnpike" (Jane dragging Upchuck)
-The Damned - "Alone Again Or" (driving home)
-Fiona Apple - "Never Is a Promise" (Willow, Coyote & Ethan leave)

Episode 06 - Monster / Монстры среди нас:

-Lightening Seeds - "Change" (closing credits)
-James Iha - "Be Strong Now" (movie theatre)
-Ol Skool - "Am I Dreaming?" (Brittany & Kevin running to each other)
-Jimmie's Chicken Shack - "High" (Quinn borrowing Daria's clothes)
-Jimmy Ray - "Are You Jimmy Ray" (Fashion Don't party)
-Mono - "Life in Mono" (yoga class)
-Sublime - "Bad Fish" (Pizza King)
-White Zombie - "ElectricHead Part 2" (Daria's nightmare)
-KoRn - "Freak on a Leash" (Daria wakes up)
-The Go-Go's - "Beautiful" (Daria and Jane's film)

Episode 07 - The New Kid / Новенький:

-Cake - "Daria" (closing credits)
-Liquid Liquid - "Cavern" (Daria meets Ted)
-Tracy Bonham - "The One" (Kevin & Brittany get mad at Daria)
-Ali Crucial - "Love Letters" (Ted's house)
-Aqua - "Turn Back Time" (Daria & Ted at Pizza King)
-Orbital - "The Box" (Ms. Barch beats up DeMartino & Daria talks to DeMartino)
-Presidents of the USA - "Video Killed the Radio Star" (video arcade)
-Bran Van 3000 - "Drinkin' in L.A." (When Daria exits the VR game)

Episode 08 - Gifted / Особо одаренные:

-Ednaswap - "Stop Counting" (closing credits)
-The Verve - "Lucky Man" (arrive at Grove Hills)
-Wink - "Sash" ("Fashion Vision";)
-Wink - "Are You There" ("Fashion Vision";)
-Massive Attack - "Safe From Harm" (when Quinn leaves people's homes)
-A3 - "Ain't Goin' to Goa" (Tiffany's house)
-Fastball - "The Way" (when Quinn is staying with Stacy)

Episode 09 - Ill / Зараза:

-Juliana Hatfield - "Live On Tomorrow" (closing credits)
-Siouxie & The Banshees - "Kiss Them for Me" (Daria in bathroom)
-Beastie Boys - "Pass the Mic" (Daria sneaks out of club)
-Semisonic - "Closing Time" (taxi-ride home)
-White Zombie - "Super Charger Heaven" (Daria wakes up)
-Urge - "Jump Right In" (English class)
-Stabbing Westward - "Save Yourself" (while Daria runs out of class)
-Travis - "U16 Girls" (Daria at hospital)
-Portishead - "Only You" (ghost in Daria's room)
-Radiohead - "No Surprises" (when Daria is in heaven)
-Spice Girls - "Stop!" (right before Brittany reveals about Daria's brain fever)

Episode 10 - Fair Enough / Ярмарка тщеславия:

-Pet Shop Boys - "How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?" (closing credits)
-Sonic Youth - "Sunday" (Daria in library)
-Sprung Monkey - "Get Em Outta Here" (Quinn decides to audition)
-Sean Lennon - "Home" (sign for auditions)
-Los Umbrellos - "No Tengo Dinero" (auditions)
-Jordan Knight - "Give It to You" (beginning of fair scenes)
-Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - "Deja Vu" (at the fair)
-Canibus - "Second Round KO" (jousting)
-Rachid - "Pride" (before play)
-K-Ci & JoJo - "All My Life" (Mr. O'Neill's fortune)
-Jon B. - "They Don't Know" (at the fair)
-Sneaker Pimps - "Post Modern Sneeze" (Daria & Jane at the info booth)

Episode 11 - See Jane Run / Беги Джейн, беги!:

-Clara Thomas - "Talkin' to Myself" (closing credits)
-Jimmie's Chicken Shack - "Droppin' Anchor" (Jane running)
-The Spice Girls - "Too Much" (Jane spots Evan)
-Super 8 - "King of the World" (Quinn's new shoes)
-The Getaway People - "She Gave Me Love" (Jane tries out for track)
-Daft Punk - "Revolution 909" ("Miss Continents of the Universe Pageant";)
-Biff Naked - "Spaceman" (Daria & Quinn go to library)
-Garbage - "Push It" (library)
-Montell Jordan - "Let's Ride" (Pizza King)
-The Beastie Boys - "So Whatcha' Want" (right after Jane quits the team)
-No Doubt - "Simple Kind of Life" (track team pressure Jane to rejoin)
-Beastie Boys - "Jimmy James" (Quinn's normal shoes)
-Ben Harper - "Faded" (gym class)

Episode 12 - Pierce Me! / Пирсинг:

-Ethyl Meatplow - "Close to You" (closing credits)
-Cappadonna - "Slang Editorial" (Jane calls Daria back)
-Pulp - "This is Hardcore" (Daria's fantasy)
-Bernard Butler - "Stay" (Helen scolds Quinn)
-Jerry Cantrell - "Cut You In" (Daria & Trent driving)
-White Zombie - "I'm Your Boogie Man" (Dega Street)
-Cypress Hill - "Illusions" (Quinn at Cashman's)
-After 7 - "Heat of the Moment" (Quinn at Cashman's)
-God Lives Underwater - "From Your Mouth" (Daria removes navel ring)
-Mariah Carey - "Butterfly (Remix)" (fashion show)
-Lenny Kravitz - "If You Can't Say No" (fashion show)

Episode 13 - Write Where It Hurts / Напиши о наболевшем:

-Bauhaus - "1. David Jay 2. Peter Murphy 3. Kevin Haskins 4. Daniel Ash" (closing credits)
-Buffalo Daughter - "5 Great Lakes" (Jane & Kevin running away)
-Komeda - "It's Alright Baby" (story about Jake & Helen being cool)
-Plastilina Mosh - "Mr. P-Mosh" (Helen bothering Daria)
-Drugstore - "El President" (riding horse)
-Massive Attack - "Teardrop" (cauldron story music)
-2 Skinniee J's - "Riot Nrrd" (Daria's story)
-Papas Fritas - "Hey Hey You Say" (Helen crying after reading Daria's story)

Episode 01 - Daria! / Дарья!:

-"Morning in the 'Burbs"
-"If the Town Blew Away"
-"I Can't Leave Yet"
-"Gah, Gah Damn it!"
-"They Must Be Worried"
-"The Big Wet Rainstorm's Over"
-"Morning in the 'Burbs" (reprise)
-"Manly" (Sven Faller demo version)

Episode 02 - Through a Lens Darkly / Сквозь темные линзы:

-Letters to Cleo - "I See" (closing credits)
-New Radicals - "You Get What You Give" (Daria & Jane in the bathroom)
-Rammstein - "Du Hast" (Daria's nightmare)
-Semisonic - "Singin' in My Sleep" (Daria & Helen driving)
-The Verve - "Sonnet" (Daria in bathroom)
-Marcy Playground - "Saint Joe on the School Bus" (Daria in Quinn's room)
-Beastie Boys - "Hey Ladies" (Daria leaving Quinn's room)
-Eagle-Eye Cherry - "Save Tonight" (after Daria talks to her Aunt Amy)
-Money Mark - "Hand in Your Head" (outside the eye clinic)
-The Cardigans - "My Favorite Game" (Kevin & Brittany walking the halls)
-Alice in Chains - "With Them Bones" (Trent's car)
-Rob Zombie - "Dragula" (Daria in House of Mirrors)
-MxPx - "I'm Okay, You're Okay" (Daria walking around without glasses or contacts)
-The Dandy Warhols - "Boys Better" (Daria bumping into people)
-Plastilina Mosh - "Monster Truck" (Jane entering bathroom)
-Lauryn Hill - "Doo Wop (That Thing)" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)

Episode 03 - The Old And The Beautiful / Облетающая красота:

-Foo Fighters - "New Way Home" (closing credits)
-Local H - "All the Kids Are Right" (Mr. DeMartino running after Ms. Li)
-Veruca Salt - "Number One Blind" (Brittany & Kevin signing up)
-Foxy Brown - "Hot Spot" (Fashion Club conference call)
-Monster Magnet - "Space Lord" (Quinn critiquing Helen's clothes)
-Luscious Jackson - "Deep Shag" (Daria arrives at Senior Center)
-Godsmack - "Whatever" (Daria reading to Mrs. Patterson)
-Afghan Whigs - "Somethin' Hot" (Fashion Club at Cashman's)
-Supergrass - "Cheapskate" (Daria reading to Mr. Gross)
-Massive Attack - "Blue Lines" (Daria eavesdropping on Quinn)
-Liz Phair - "Polyester Bride" (Daria arriving at Brittany's house)
-Heather Nova - "Heart and Shoulder" (Daria reading romance novel)
-Screaming Trees - "Sworn and Broken" (Ms. Li receiving her certificate)

Episode 04 - Depth Takes A Holiday / Праздники приходят не по расписанию:

-The Posies - "Will You Ever Ease Your Mind" (closing credits)
-Jay Z - "Can I Get A" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)
-The Lighting Seeds - "Pure" (Fashion Club meeting)
-Pulp - "Like a Friend" (Daria meeting Cupid & St. Patrick's Day)
-Cake - "Never There" (Daria & Jane at Jane's house)
-Mariah Carey - "Vision of Love" (Jake & Helen love scenes)
-Fastball - "Fire Escape" (Quinn walking into Daria's room)
-Gomez - "78 Stone Wobble" (Quinn leaving Sandi's house)
-George Michael - "Outside" (arrive at mall)
-Lauryn Hill - "Ex-Factor" (Helen & Jake going for a walk)
-Fatboy Slim - "Gangsta Trippin'" (Jeffy's car music)
-Planet P Project - "Why Me?" (arrive at Holiday Island)
-Zebrahead - "Get Back" (Daria has a plan)

Episode 05 - Daria Dance Party / Вечеринка Дарьи:

-The Donnas - "Rock 'n Roll Machine" (closing credits)
-Imperial Teen - "Yoo-hoo" (Ms. Defoe's class)
-Neil Finn - "She Will Have Her Way" (before Brittany & Kevin's fight)
-Cold - "Give" (cheerleaders agree not to date Kevin)
-Adam F - "Circles" (Sandi's flashback)
-Foxy Brown - "Get Me Home" (Fashion Club meeting)
-B*Witched - "C'est La Vie" (Pizza King)
-The Beastie Boys - "Body Movin'" (Mr. O'Neill "asking" Ms. Barch to dance)
-Sixpence None The Richer - "Kiss Me" (Quinn & her dates arrive at dance)
-Otis Day and the Knights - "Shout!" (Brittany & Robert talking to Jodie)
-Lo Fidelity Allstars - "Battleflag" (guys escaping Sandi's house)
-Wyclef Jean - "We Tryin To Stay Alive" (Brittany & Robert dancing)
-Stardust - "Music Sounds Better With You" (Daria & Jane meeting Upchuck's cousins)
-LL Cool J featuring Boyz II Men - "Hey Lover" (Quinn's dates trying to slow dance with her)
-Fatboy Slim - "Praise You" (Brittany & Robert making out)
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers - "Love Rollercoaster" (Upchuck talking about rollercoasters and love)
-Jerry Cantrell - "My Song" (Quinn walking past Jeffy, Joey and Jaime)

Episode 06 - The Lost Girls / Потерянное поколение:

-Annie Lennox - "Keep Young And Beautiful" (closing credits)
-INXS - "Faith In Each Other" (Val & Daria ariving at school)
-Cake - "Sheep Go to Heaven" (Daria & Jane reading "Val" magazine)
-Sonic Youth - "Youth Against Fascism" (Daria & Mr. O'Neill in office)
-LL Cool J - "Jingling Baby" (Daria & Val leaving Mr. O'Neill's class)
-Juvenile - "Ha" (Daria & Val in principal's office)

Episode 07 - It Happened One Nut / Волшебный мир орехов:

-The Ramones - "That Job Ate My Brain" (closing credits)
-Fatboy Slim - "The Rockafeller Skank" (after Daria finishes her first day of her new job)
-Skunk Anansie - "Hedonism (Just Because it Feels Good)" (Helen, Quinn & Daria at table)
-Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Magical Colors" (Daria at counseling)
-Camper Van Beethoven - "Eve of Fatima" (Jane & Daria at the mall)
-Eve's Plum - "I Want it All" (Daria's first day of work)
-Veruca Salt - "Shutterbug" (Jane, Trent & Jesse arriving at nut stand)

Episode 08 - Lane Miserables / Воссоединение семьи Лэйнов:

-Pet Shop Boys - "Too Many People" (closing credits)
-Heather Nova - "London Rain" (Trent looks in fridge)
-Speed - "Space Queen" (Jane running past Helen)
-Blaque - "808" (Jane eating w/ Morgendorffers)
-Paul Weller - "The Changing Man" (parrot steals photograph)
-Sonic Youth - "Dirty Boots" (Scrabble)
-The Foo Fighters - "Everlong" (Daria watches Trent leave with Monique)
-Filter - "Welcome to the Fold" (Trent & Monique drive away)
-UNKLE - "Unreal" (Quinn's fantasy)
-Sonic Youth - "The Diamond Sea" (Daria's fantasy)

Episode 09 - Jake Of Hearts / Разбитое сердце Джейка:

-Kid Rock - "Only God Knows Why" (closing credits)
-Guns 'N Roses - "Welcome To The Jungle" (DJs arriving at school & at Pizza King)
-Cypress Hill - "How I Could Just Kill a Man" (Daria's first encounter w/ DJs)
-Foxy Brown - "I Can't" (DJs "sex announcement";)
-Hole - "Miss World" (Jane's room)
-Nas - "Nas Is Like" (Jeffy yelling for DJs)
-Imperial Teen - "You're One" (Daria's third visit to Jake's room)
-Culture Club - "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)

Episode 10 - Speedtrapped / Штраф за превышение:

-Shampoo - "Trouble" (closing credits)
-Lenny Kravitz - "I Belong To You" (Daria parking)
-Boyzone - "Picture of You" (Fashion Club meeting)
-Tracy Bonham - "The One" (Daria at Jane's house)
-Harlem World - "I Really Like It" (leaving house)
-Iggy Pop - "Home" (driving on freeway)
-Cypress Hill - "Real Estate" (Jane drawing on cell wall)
-Chumbawamba - "Amnesia" (after Travis leaves)
-Vince Gill - "After All These Years" (entering bar)
-Finley Quave - "Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday" (VFW hall)
-Blur - "Tender" (driving home)
-98 Degrees - "Because of You" (Daria runs over suitcase)
-The Marshall Tucker Band - "Fire on the Mountain" (Daria changes the radio station)

Episode 11 - The Lawndale Files / Секретные материалы:

-Spice Girls - "Outer Space Girls" (closing credits)
-Nirvana - "Heart-shaped Box" (music in SSW interview)
-Cypress Hill - "Throw Your Set in the Air" (Daria's thoughts at breakfast)
-Powerman 5000 - "Tokyo Vigilante #1" (Artie arrives & talks about aliens)
-Ja Rule - "Holla Holla" (accusations at rally)

Episode 12 - Just Add Water / Просто добавь воды:

-Kenny Rogers - "The Gambler" (closing credits)
-Blink 182 - "What's My Age Again?" (when everybody abandons ship)
-Placebo - "Pure Morning" (ship heading for garbage scow)
-Black Grape - "Kelly's Heroes" (Fashion Club preparing for cruise)
-Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On (Instrumental)" (Ms. Barch re-enacting Titantic)

Episode 13 - Jane's Addiction / Увлечение Джейн:

-The Violent Femmes - "He Likes Me" (end credits)
-Hole - "Awful" (walking home)
-Massive Attack - "Protection" (Tom walks to Jane)
-P.J. Harvey - "A Perfect Day Elise" (Daria talking to Trent at the Zen)
-Sonic Youth - "Sugar Kane" (Trent drives Daria home)
-Jennifer Lopez - "If You Had My Love" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)
-Richard Strauss - "Also Sprach Zarathurstra" (Upchuck's project)
-Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark - "Forever (Live and Die)" (Daria, Jane & Tom at Pizza King)

Episode 01 - Partners Complaint / Партнерские претензии:

-Bif Naked - "Any Day Now" (closing credits)
-David Bowie - "Thursday's Child" (Jane & Tom drive away)
-Len - "Feelin' Alright" (Jane at Brittany's house)
-Kelis - "I Hate You So Much Right Now" (Daria leaves Jane with Brittany at Pizza King)
-Beck - "Sexx Laws" (Wally offers Brittany a test drive)
-311 - "Come Original" (Jodie & Brittany at Pizza King)
-Ash - "Jesus Says" (after Kevin runs off)
-Ben Lee - "Nothing Much Happens" (Jodie & Daria's presentation)
-Will Smith - "Will2K" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)

Episode 02 - Antisocial Climbers / Альпинисты - изгои:

-Tonic - "Future Says Run" (closing credits)
-Nas - "Nastradamus" (Jake & Helen drop Daria and Quinn off at school)
-Blur - "Coffee and TV" (getting off bus)
-Juvenile - "Back That Azz Up" (1st commercial bumper)
-DMX - "What's My Name" (2nd commercial bumper)

Episode 03 - A Tree Grows in Lawndale / Заветное дерево Лаундейла:

-Fiona Apple - "Limp" (closing credits)
-Sonique - "Feels So Good" (Fashion Club at Cashman's)
-Cast - "Sandstorm" (before Kevin arrives at school)
-Methods of Mayhem - "Get Naked" (Kevin pops a "wheelie" & 1st commercial bumper)
-Juvenile - "Ya Understand" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King & 2nd commercial bumper)
-DMX - "Damien" (cheerleader's seance)
-Luscious Jackson - "Ladyfingers" (Brittany plants new memorial tree)

Episode 04 - Murder She Snored / Она прохрапела убийство:

-Incubus - "Pardon Me" (closing credits)
-Fiona Apple - "Fast As You Can" (Daria talking while Helen is on phone)
-Mike Post - "Theme From Murder, She Wrote" (Daria on bike)
-Mike Post & Pete Carpenter - "Theme From Magnum, P.I." (Daria & Jane at funeral)
-Richard DeBenedictus - "Theme From Columbo" (Daria driving home in AMC Metropolitan)
-Henry Mancini - "NBC Sunday Mystery Movie Theme" (Daria riding a horse)
-Jack Elliot & Allyson Ferguson - "Theme From Charlie's Angels" (Upchuck talking through speakerbox)
-Jay Z - "Do It Again" (Daria is caught with gun)
-Kool Keith - "Livin' Astro" (Kevin is poisoned)
-The Chemical Brothers - "Out Of Control" (DeMartino strangling Kevin's corpse)

Episode 05 - The "F" Word / Слово "Неуд":

-Filter - "Miss Blue" (closing credits)
-Buck Cherry - "Check Your Head" (teacher's conference)
-Sisquo - "Got to Get It" (1st commercial bumper)
-B.G. - "Bling Bling" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)
-The Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch" (cheerleaders at Pizza King & 2nd commercial bumper)
-Diana Ross - "Love Hangover" (Brittany & Kevin moping)
-Eiffel 65 - "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" (Jane's dream of being a cheerleader)
-Marcy Playground - "Sherry Fraiser" (Brittany is welcomed back to the squad)
-Diana Ross - "Love Hangover" (Mack talks team into bringing Kevin back)
-Morphine - "Super Sex" (Mr. O'Neill's apartment)
-Cha Cha - "New Millenium (What Cha Wanna Do)" (Quinn & O'Neill at fashion show)

Episode 06 - I Loathe a Parade / Ненавижу парады!:

-Frida - "I Know There's Something Going On" (closing credits)
-Jay Z - "Anything" (Daria buys toilet paper)
-Jay Z - "It's A Hard Knock Life" (1st commercial bumper)
-John Philip Sousa - "When The Saints Go Marching In" (LHS band parade music)
-Apollo 440 - "Stop the Rock" (2nd commercial bumper)

Episode 07 - Of Human Bonding / Семейные узы:

-Oasis - "Go Let It Out" (closing credits)
-The Suicide Machines - "Sometimes I Don't Mind" (first shot of the plane)
-The Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly" (Daria & Jake on plane)
-Powerman 5000 - "Nobody's Real" (Jake checks into hotel)
-The Donnas - "Skintight" (Sandi starts Helen's makeover)
-Sisqo - "Thong Song" (1st commercial bumper)
-Nine Inch Nails - "Closer" (Jake's flashback & 2nd commercial bumper)
-Blink 182 - "Adam's Song" (when Helen is getting her makeover)
-The Chemical Brothers - "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" (phone rings but the girls purposefully don't answers it)
-Air - "Kelly, Watch the Stars" (Fashion Club goes to bed)
-IMX - "Stay the Night" (Helen w/ Joey/Jeffy/Jamie)

Episode 08 - Psycho Therapy / Психотерапия:

-Foo Fighters - "Headwires" (closing credits)
-The Propellerheads, featuring Miss Shirley Bassey - "History Repeating" (Daria & Jane fill out questionnaire & 1st commercial bumper)
-Godsmack - "Keep Away" (Helen's office)
-DMX - "Ruff Ryder's Anthem" (Daria watching JaneCam @ spa)
-Macy Gray - "I Try" (Daria and Jane reflect on JaneCam and its demise)

Episode 09 - The Mart of Darkness / Супермаркет тьмы:

-The Clash - "Lost in the Supermarket" (closing credits)
-Our Lady Peace - "Is Anybody Home?" (Tom eats Jane's "art supplies";)
-Wendy Rene - "Bar B-Q" (BBQ @ Kevin's & 1st commercial bumper)
-DMX - "Party Up (Up in Here)" (Fashion Club arrives @ BBQ)
-Sash! - "Mysterious Times" (Daria & Jane arrive @ Pay Day & all scenes w/ cheese logs)
-Ded Prez - "Hip Hop" (Kevin & Brittany arrive @ Pay Day)
-Suede - "Electricity" (Mr. DeMartino eating cheese logs)
-Dope - "Everything Sucks" (Jane running after Andrea)
-Jay Z - "Big Pimpin" (2nd commercial bumper)
-Cypress Hill - "Rock Superstar" (when Jane & Daria uncover Andrea)
-Manic Street Preachers - "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next" (end of Andrea's scene)
-Amel Larrieux - "Get Up" (Daria's new bootlaces)

Episode 10 - The Legends of Mall / Легенды осени:

-Space - "Mister Psycho" (closing credits)
-Da Brat - "That's What I'm Looking for" (Sandi talking to bus driver & 1st commercial bumper)
-The Kinks - "You Really Got Me" (intro to Stacy's story)
-Skunk Anansie - "Charlie Big Potato" (Jake, Daria, Jane & Trent driving)
-Softcell - "Tainted Love" (intro to Trent's story)
-Corey Hart - "Sunglasses at Night" (DeMartino grinding his teeth in his sleep)
-Duran Duran - "Hungry Like the Wolf" (DeMartino @ dentist & 2nd commercial bumper)
-Cyndi Lauper - "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun" (song playing on DeMartino's steel jaws)
-Prozzak - "Sucks To Be You" (Quinn points out where they are)

Episode 11 - Groped by an Angel / Осененная ангелом:

-Foo Fighters - "Aurora" (closing credits)
-Eminem - "Role Model" (Brittany's father arrives at house & 1st commercial bumper)
-Limp Bizkit- "Sour" (Trent and Max arguing in kitchen)
-Da Brat & Tyrese - "What Cha Like" (Helen reads the angel book & 2nd commercial bumper)

Episode 12 - Fire! / Пожар!:

-Saint Etienne - "Sylvie" (closing credits)
-Nine Inch Nails - "We're In This Together" (Jake realizing the kitchen is on fire)
-Live - "Run Through the Water" (insurance assessing damage)
-MxPx - "Chick Magnet" (arrive at hotel)
-Destiny's Child - "Say My Name (Maurice's Last Days of Disco Millenium Mix)" (Fashion Club arrives at hotel)
-Kelis - "Caught Out There" (Jane talking to Defoe)
-Silverchair - "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" (Jane stabbing canvas)
-System of a Down - "Spiders" (Jane ducking into classroom to avoid Daria)
-Morcheeba - "Part of the Process" (Daria looking at Tom & 2nd commercial bumper)

Episode 13 - Dye! Dye! My Darling / Покрась меня нежно:

-Cake - "Friend is a Four-Letter Word" (closing credits)
-Morcheeba - "Trigger Hippie" (Jane staring at tiger)
-Morcheeba - "Let Me See" (Trent opens front door for Daria)
-The Presidents of the US - "Peaches" (Daria interrupts Jane & Tom)
-504 Boyz - "Wobble Wobble" (Jane & Daria shopping & 1st commercial bumper)
-Les Nubians - "Les Portes du Souvenir" (Daria ringing doorbell at Jane's house)
-No Doubt - "Simple Kind of Life" (Daria walking home)
-Ricky Martin - "Private Emotion" (after the kiss w/ Tom)
-Morcheeba - "Part of the Process" (2nd commercial bumper)
-The Lox (featuring Eve) - "Ryde or Die, Chick" (Daria & Jane walking in hall)
-Blinker the Star - "Below the Sliding Doors" (Jane confronts Tom)
-The Eels - "Novocaine for the Soul" (Helen and Daria in restaurant)
-Leona Naess - "Charm Attack" (Jane & Trent driving)

-Splendora - "Turn Down the Sun" (opening credits)
-The Posies - "I May Hate You Sometimes" (closing credits TV broadcast)
-Beck - "Nicotine and Gravy" (PSTAT results)
-Travis - "Why Does It Always Rain on Me?" (Daria's "budding social life";)
-Duran Duran - "Someone Else Not Me" (Daria greets David at door)
-William Orbit - "Water Babies" (Jane arrives at Ashfield)
-Macy Gray - "Why Didn't You Call Me?" (Daniel Dotson explains his art)
-Biz Markie - "Just a Friend" (campers make lanyards)
-Ruff Endz - "No More" (Landons' BBQ)
-Wheatus - "Teenage Dirtbag" (Landons' BBQ)
-Parade of Losers - "Sixteen and Confused" (closing credits DVD release)
-XTC - "Dear God" (Daria sees Link's painting)
-Macy Gray - "Why Didn't You Call Me?" (Jane & Allison having dinner)
-Eve - "Love is Blind" (after Daria & Tom's fight)
-Outkast - "The Art of Storytelling" (Jane at Allison's cabin)
-MxPx - "Responsibility" (DeMartino breaks window)
-Pharaohe Monche - "Simon Says" (Kevin & Brittany are fired)
-KoRn - "Somebody Someone" (Daria & Trent visit Jane)
-311 - "Don't Stay Home" (Jane & Daria @ Mystic Spiral gig)
-Chantel Kreviazuk - "Before You" (Quinn answers question correctly)
-Ruff Endz - "No More Shopping Sprees" (Daria & Tom debate going to Pizza King)

Episode 01 - Fizz Ed / Сила рекламы

-Vitamin C - "Money" (closing credits)
-Scarface - "It Ain't Part II" (Lawndale Herald headlines)
-Naughty By Nature (featuring 3LW) - "Feels So Good" (Lamm's sales pitch in Ms. Li's office)
-The Offspring - "Original Prankster" (school review meeting)
-Wyclef Jean (featuring Mary J. Blige) - "911" (Daria & Jane walking home & 1st commercial bumper)
-Sade - "By Your Side" (Superintendent's office)
-Sade - "Lovers Rock" (Daria waiting for Superintendent)
-Finger Eleven - "Drag You Down" (Ultra Cola-decorated school bus drives by)
-Queens of the Stone Age - "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" (2nd commercial bumper)
- "University of Iowa Fight Song" (football game)
-Crazy Town - "Darkside" (Ms. Li's freakout)

Episode 02 - Sappy Anniversary / С глупой годовщиной!:

-Sum 41 - "Makes No Difference" (closing credits)
-Everclear - "Wonderful" (2nd commercial bumper)
-R.E.M. - "The One I Love" (Daria arriving at Tom's house)

Episode 03 - Fat Like Me / Толстая как я:

-Eve's Plum - "Lipstuck" (closing credits)
-Beenie Man (featuring Mya) - "Girls Dem Sugar" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)
-Zebrahead - "Playmate of the Year" (Morgendorffer kitchen)
-The Dandy Warhols - "Bohemian Like You" (DeMartino's class)
-Guster - "Fa Fa" (Sandi disappears as Quinn introduces her)
-Dexter Freebish - "Leaving Town" (1st commercial bumper)
-PJ Harvey - "Good Fortune" (Stacy & Tiffany's Fashion Club meeting)
-Jennifer Lopez - "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (fat Sandi swimming laps & thin Sandi returns to school)
-Union Underground - "Mr. Deadman" (Stacy brushing her hair)

Episode 04 - Camp Fear / Ненавижу летний лагерь!:

-The Beta Band - "Round the Band" (closing credits)
-Supergrass - "Mary" (first sight of Camp Grizzly & 1st commercial bumper)
-Ben Harper - "Burn to Shine" (Jane & Trent @ country store)
-Sixteen Horsepower - "Clogger" (remembering the watermelon game)
-Richard Ashcroft - "Money to Burn" (Jane & Trent @ Earl's house)
-Jay Z - "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)" (2nd commercial bumper)

Episode 05 - Story of D / История Д:

-Save Ferris - "Everything I Want to Be" (closing credits)
-Big Pun - "It's Alright" (second Fashion Club meeting)
-Pharaohe Monche - "The Light" (Jane avoiding commenting on Daria's story)
-Coldplay - "Yellow" (Daria reading her rejection letter)
-At The Drive-In - "Invalid Litter Department" (2nd commercial bumper)
-Catherine Wheel - "Sparks Are Gonna Fly" (Jake's new showtune)
-Gomez - "Bring It On" (Tom at the front door)

Episode 06 - Lucky Strike / Стачка:

-The Posies - "Under Easy" (closing credits)
-Ludacris - "Southern Hospitality" (Kevin, Brittany, Jane, and Daria in hallway)
-Travis - "Writing to Reach You" (2nd commercial bumper)
-AFI - "Total Immortal" (DeMartino in Li's office)
-A Guy Called Gerald - "Fever (Or A Flame)" (O'Neill checking on Li's office)
-David Gray - "Babylon" (right after Quinn admits that Daria is her sister)
-Evan and Jaron - "Crazy For This Girl" (DeMartino's class after the strike)


Episode 07 - Art Burn / Художественная лихорадка:

-Oasis - "Listen Up" (closing credits)
-Lil' Bow Wow (featuring Jagged Edge) - "Puppy Love" (Fashion Club walking to caricaturist booth & 1st commercial bumper)
-AFI - "The Day of the Phoenix" (Jane goes to Gary's Gallery)
-Fuel - "Innocent" (Quinn goes into Jake & Helen's room)
-Chevelle - "Mia" (Daria and Jane leave gallery and go to Brittany's house)
-Travis - "Slideshow" (Daria & Jane leave Brittany's house)

Episode 08 - One J at a Time / По одному "Дж" за раз:

-Miquel Brown - "So Many Men, So Little Time" (closing credits)
-Jennifer Lopez - "Play" (Fashion Club in the school cafeteria)
-Fatboy Slim - "Weapon of Choice" (Quinn's boyfriend line @ Pizza King & both commercial bumpers)
-American Hi-Fi - "Flavor of the Week" (Jake checks the squirrel trap)
-O-Town - "Liquid Dreams" (when Jake sees the squirrel during dinner)
-Tag Team - "Whoop! There It Is" (go-carts)

Episode 09 - Life in the Past Lane / Вперед в прошлое:

-8-1/2 Souvenirs - "Sharp Dressed Man" (closing credits)
-Jon B. - "Don't Talk" (Jane wants to buy a "cute eraser";)
-Olivia - "Bizounce" (after Upchuck's magic dollar bill)
-Idlewild - "Little Discourage" (Daria & Tom leaving the cinema)
-Saliva - "Your Disease" (after Jane sells her old clothes)

Episode 10 - Aunt Nauseam / Семейные разборки:

-Morcheeba - "Let It Go" (closing credits)
-Aerosmith - "Jaded" (Quinn and Sandi walking in the hall)
-Spineshank - "New Disease" (after Stacy & Tiffany's debate & 1st commercial bumper)
-Daft Punk - "One More Time" (Fashion Club heading for Junior 5 & 2nd commercial bumper)

Episode 11 - Prize Fighters / Борьба за стипендию:

-Everclear - "Everything to Everyone" (closing credits)
-Nikka Costa - "Like a Feather" (after Daria tells Jodie about the scholarship tryouts)
-Wyclef Jean - "Perfect Gentleman" (after Daria & Jane's arguement)

Episode 12 - My night at Daria's / Одна ночь с Дарьей:

-The Prissteens - "Scandal, Controversy & Romance" (closing credits)
-Savage Garden - "Crash and Burn" (Tom & Daria in her room)
-The Gathering - "Eleanor" (Tom & Daria in her room)
-Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera - "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" (Tom & Daria @ Pizza King)
-Alice in Chains - "No Excuses" (1st commercial bumper)
-Destiny's Child - "Survivor" (Daria confronts Quinn)
-Gomez - "Get Myself Arrested" (Daria & Jodie talk about rumors)
-Spooks - "Things I've Seen" (Jake @ doctor's office & 2nd commercial bumper)
-Gorillaz - "Clint Eastwood" (Helen and Jake discuss the parasite)
-Train - "Drops of Jupiter" (Tom throws away roses)

Episode 13 - Boxing Daria / Дарья в коробке

-Nine Days - "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" (closing credits)
-St. Germain - "Rose Rouge" (Daria saves box from trash)
-Echo & The Bunnymen - "It's All Right" (1st commercial bumper)
-Our Lady Peace - "Life" (2nd commercial bumper)
-Orbital - "The Box" (Daria shows Jane the box)
-Oasis - "Who Feels Love?" (Tom drives Daria to school)

-Splendora - "College Try (Gives Me Blisters)" (opening credits)
-Incubus - "Drive" (closing credits first half)
-Supergrass - "Time to Go" (closing credits second half)
-The Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly" (Daria & Jane @ Pizza King)
-Tori Amos - "Strange Little Girl" (Daria waiting for the Sloanes)
-Donnell Jones - "You Know What's Up" (Jodie talks to her father about college)
-Incubus - "Stellar" (after Daria's Bromwell interview)
-Kelis - "Young, Fresh, and New" (Daria's angry in the car)
-Pink - "Get This Party Started" (Lindy's party)
-Toya - "I Do!!" (Brittany & the cheerleaders talking)
-Default - "Wasting My Time" (Tom tells Daria he got in to Bromwell)
-Craig David - "Fill Me In" (Andrew Landon's office)
-Staind - "Fade" (Lindy drinking during the movie)
-Travis - "Slide" (Lindy drunk at work)
-LFO - "Every Other Time" (Daria & Tom @ Pizza King)
-Garbage - "Breaking Up the Girl" (Daria breaks up w/ Tom)
-Alicia Keys - "Woman's Worth" (after Daria breaks up w/ Tom)
-Pete Yorn - "For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)" (O'Neill finds DeMartino's note)
-The Roots - "You Got Me" (Trent gives Jane his car keys)
-Ray J - "Formal Invite" (Stacy making Sandi's "cure";)
-Starsailor - "Good Souls" (Lindy working on her computer)
-Trick Daddy - "I'm a Thug" (Jane drags Daria to Jodie's party)
-Mary Mary - "Praise You" (Jodie's party)
-Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule - "I'm Real" (Jane tells Daria about BFAC)
-Kurrupt (featuring Natina Reed) - "It's Over" (final scene at Pizza King)

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2010-07-26 в 18:27 

На свете есть всего 10 разновидностей людей. Те, которые понимают бинарный код, и те, кто не понимают
Спасибо большое за такое количество инфы! А Вы не могли бы ее под кат убрать -- а то мотать столько в ленте избранного зело неудобно :)

2010-07-26 в 19:14 

не веди себя как долбанутая ромашка (с)
я вроде убирала))на странице сообщества оно смотрится как под катом, не знаю в чем дело...

2010-07-26 в 19:16 

На свете есть всего 10 разновидностей людей. Те, которые понимают бинарный код, и те, кто не понимают
точно? Просто я что в фленте, что в сообществе вижу сплошной пост

2010-07-26 в 19:41 

не веди себя как долбанутая ромашка (с)
точно-точно, я вижу скрытый)список треков с каждого сезона под своим катом.

2010-07-26 в 20:00 

На свете есть всего 10 разновидностей людей. Те, которые понимают бинарный код, и те, кто не понимают
Так. Или лыжи не едут, или я чего-то тут не понимаю. Но ссылки есть, а ката нет! Торчит все и сразу

2010-07-26 в 23:57 

Если б счастье давалось легко, как бы мы научились мечтать?
какая жаль, что депозит меня не любит -( будем качать по старинке с торрентов

2011-11-30 в 01:02 

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